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Government Policy and Business Environment

Developments in the Australian and Global economy ultimately determines the performance of investments, companies and drives the prices of all assets traded on financial markets. The medium term trends in the growth - inflation mix in particular set the risk - reward of client business strategies.

Australian Investment Research Services (AIRS) Pty Ltd

AIRS enables clients to monitor the key economic trends via research of the Australian, U.S., Japanese, Eurozone and the new strategic economies such as China. This consistent and methodical approach continues to prove beneficial for our clients who are able to take early advantage of emerging opportunities, crucial, given the speed with which structural change continues to occur in the world economy.

The Economic Research services available to clients includes the assessment of the economic institutions that influence key market variables and set the framework for trading in markets. The Central Banks, Treasury and other key Government policy makers strategy, proposals and decisions are reviewed with the focus on how they impact the performance of markets, investments and business. This is supported by the tracking of legislative, regulatory, demographic, technological and industry changes that sets the environment in which investment and business decisions are made.

See attached an example of an AIRS Economic Research report on the Australian Labour Market. To download a free copy please click the link below and fill out the form provided

>> AIRS Economic Research - AUD December 2012 Employment Report