AIRS August 2015 Global Strategy Update is now available

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Research, Advisory and Risk Management

AIRS analysis of Australian and Global financial markets allows our clients to develop unique insights into the trends developing through real time analysis of the events and data that influence prices. We offer research driven advice that enables clients to better manage the performance and risk exposure of their operations.

Australian Investment Research Services (AIRS) Pty Ltd

The AIRS Financial Market services incorporate strategic advice on key financial market indicators such as the Australian dollar, the level of interest rates and Oil in terms of trends, levels, risk factors and their impacts on investors and business. This advisory is supported by daily reviews of Equity, Money Market, Fixed Interest, Currency, Commodity and Derivative markets that tracks moves in market levels, sentiment plus any regulatory changes and provides early warnings of potential changes in the medium term structure of the major capital markets.

The combination of Financial Markets research and advisory services supports AIRS financial risk management consulting. This covers risk assessment, building the risk policy and implementing the policy within the client's overall business strategy. The objective of the risk management process is to maximize client earnings and returns by the successful management of market risk.

See attached an example of an AIRS Financial Markets strategy report that covers in this case the Australian dollar. To download a free copy please click the link below and fill out the form provided

>> AIRS Financial Markets - Australian Dollar Volatility Report