AIRS August 2015 Global Strategy Update is now available

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Business Opportunities in the Global Marketplace

AIRS identifies global business opportunities through our expertise and experience in analysing industry trends, emerging technologies and overall developments in the global economy. AIRS focuses on the macro-factors that drive structural change in economies, such as the recent volatility in iron ore prices, to provide key research inputs for any new business opportunity.

Australian Investment Research Services (AIRS) Pty Ltd

This rigour extends to daily investment research that tracks the performance of 30 major domestic and international asset markets. This analysis covers developments in Equities, Money Markets, Fixed Interest, Currencies, Commodity and Derivative markets.

This market based review is complemented by AIRS ability to provide independent advice on individual project and company investment opportunities through industry, competitive intelligence and due diligence assessments. This approach includes detailed cash flow, profit and loss, balance sheet and rate of return analysis.

AIRS also supports direct investment and business advice in new technologies enhanced by our close ties with the Patent and Trademark attorney profession. The innovation product analysis provides technical, commercial and financial analysis of the Intellectual Property involved plus establishes the market potential of the associated technology from a global perspective. This investment readiness work assists with the raising of capital from private, public market and Government sources to help commercialise these opportunities.

See attached the AIRS Investment & Business overview for the assessment of new Technologies. To download a free copy please click the link below and fill out the form provided

>> AIRS Technology Investment Overview