AIRS August 2015 Global Strategy Update is now available

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AIRS providing new perspectives & solutions for 2015

Australian Investment Research Services (AIRS) provides global economic, public policy and financial markets consulting that benefit Investors, Business and Government.

Australian Investment Research Services (AIRS) Pty Ltd

Our clients, which include major financial institutions, companies and governments, uilise our experience in identifying global business opportunities in markets across currencies, commodities, fixed interest, equity and derivatives.

The AIRS research product suite allows our client partners to tailor the advisory solution to their needs with daily, weekly & more medium term analysis available that includes specific consulting projects.

AIRS research provides insights into the emerging commercial threats and opportunities that enable our clients to:

  1. Identify & manage market risk.
  2. Maximise portfolio investment & trading returns.
  3. Minimise costs of adverse market developments.